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1 yr. baby portrait, Colorado Lagoon Long Beach

Aiden had his first baby portrait session & he was well aware there was a camera pointing at him. He expressed, "cheeeeessseee" a couple of times which made me crack up. You never know how a baby is going to react or respond when a photographer is following him around. His Mom, her friend & mother were there to encourage him to smile but Aiden wasn't going to let us control his emotions. We lost a big red ball that rolled into the lagoon yet found some pine cones that provided entertainment for Aiden. It's not easy being the center of attention & I thank Aiden for all the laughs and moments when I thought I would never see a smile for the camera. I'm glad that we still had his toy trucks in our possesion, a new pine cone toy and these adorable pictures of Aiden trying to figure out what's going on here.

baby portrait long beach

baby portrait long beach

1 yr. baby portrait long beach

baby portrait long beach

baby portrait long beach


Erica said...

These photos came out adorable, I love the one of him looking at the flower.

Mary said...

Awesome pictures, they all came out fantastic! He is such a little ham, so photogenic. I just love the close up one where he is looking at the flowers.

Great job . .

Diana said...

the pictures turned out great, he looks so adorable.

Google account said...

What great photo's and what a wonderful little boy in the photos. Your photographs are amazing. Thanks for sharing. LBW

Monique said...

He is a handsome little man!