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Engagement Portrait in Malibu

Gina & Caleb suggested Leo Carrillo for their engagement session. I was so excited because we have camped there before and I just love the Malibu area. Gina & Caleb's engagement session brought my husband & I to the camp site once again. We camped 3 nights with our pugs. It was the first time we traveled with both dogs and to our surprise, it worked out quite well. My Brother-in-law & Sister-in-law & niece joined us too. The beach and campsite is really beautiful. I didn't want to stop taking photos; the cliff views were so phenomenal along with the beautiful rock formation. We will definitely make Leo Carrillo an annual trip.

Baby Portrait

It was Aiden's first time out on the sand. It was difficult to disract him from looking down at the sand, even peek-a-boo didn't work. There were also ducks to contend with but I managed to catch him while he looked up and smiled. Aiden's such a cool little boy sporting his sunglasses and surf wear. For 8 months, he was a great sport; although, I don't think he enjoyed the taste of sand nor crawling in it.