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Wedding Photography at Pacific Edge Hotel, Pacific Villa, Laguna Beach

Such a young, beautiful & sweet couple. They met on the 4th of July in Malibu, that's romantic in and of itself. Pacific Villa is an intimate venue on the beach. It's a beach house that serves as a beautiful location to hold both the wedding ceremony and reception. Their ceremony was unique in that it was five minutes long. This took me by surprise since the itinerary indicated twenty minutes...wow! With that said, there are some great shots capturing their quick vows. Leila looked stunning in her gown. From her necklace to her Stewart Weitzman shoes, it's obvious she has impeccable style & grace. Z cater, It Takes Two DJ, Rossmoor Bakery & Makeup by Berit all did a fantastic job in working together to make Leilia & Matt's wedding flawless.

Children Portrait in Whittier

This is Aiden's second photo session. I photographed him at 8 months and here he is at 1. Last time he was distracted by the sand on the beach. This time it was the dirt and grass. I think he's just a bit camera shy. Aiden's big brown eyes are so beautiful, the photos where he's looking up was due to planes flying overhead. Mom & Dad as well as myself were making fools of ourselves to get him to look up but we were out done by the airplanes. Happy Birthday Aiden.

Wedding photography at Rancho De Las Flores, Somis

I love photographing at venues where I have not shot a wedding before. This time it was at Rancho De Las Flores. It's such a wonderful escape from the city. There's a panaromic vantage point from all directions. Gina's dress was amazing and she fashioned it well. This was the first wedding where the groom shed more tears than the bride. In addition to the bride and groom's love for each other, there was so much romance in the air with their guests too. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the magical scent of irisis and daylilies.

Children Portrait in Tustin, Cedar Grove Park

Cedar Grove park in Tustin offers plenty of varied backdrops and scenery. Ryan & Sammy were naturals in front of the camera. I asked Ryan to put his arm around his little brother, & like all kids, he was disgusted by my request. Over time they started carrying on as I assume they do at home and their brotherly love shined through....Ryan had his brother in a head lock and acted out head punches. I was loving their natural interaction & I'm sure Mom wasn't pleased at my request to continue their play even if it meant a punch to the head. I have to admit, working with children is quite different from weddings. I'm learning that it takes about an hour when people, regardless of age, finally become comfortable with me and being in front of the camera.

Wedding photography at Lakewood Villiage Community Church, Lakewood

The Lakewood Village community church photographs well with the glowing cross that appears to float on the wall. I second shot this lovely wedding with Marina, Linares Photography. For a church wedding, the ceremony was surprisingly short, sweet and simple. There's another white chapel within where we took some photos of the bride. Everything from the pews, walls, pulpit and window coverings are covered in white. We headed to The Coast Hotel afterwards for some fun and romantic shots.

The photo below was taken in the white chapel.

I love the flower in her hair and complimenting accessories in this photo. I felt the photo exudes vintage so I addded a vintage touch. I also love Cynthia's profile in both photos below.