Welcome to CW Photography's Blog. Capturing artistic and creative photographs in Arroyo Grande and the Central coast. We will capture your portrait or event as it naturally unfolds. Utilizing natural light to reveal your beauty and style, with attention to the detail that make your portraits unique. CW Photography will photograph what will be your timeless story for you to share today & for generations to come.

Christine Walker - CW Photography Designs

Thanks for taking the time to visit and learn more about me. Born and raised in California, I consider myself laid back & easy going. I found the love of my life about the same time I ventured into photography. They both were worth the wait because I married my soul mate, best friend and found my artisitc calling. Inspired by our wedding photographer, I thought how I'd love to do what they do. So, I quit my job as a pharmaceutical sales rep and enrolled in a photography class. I'm sure my parents wished I had discovered my calling prior to sending me to UCI where I received a bachelor's degree, non-related to photography. The photography classes began as a hobby...a class here and there as well as a guitar class. I soon realized, I was much better at photography than playing the guitar. I enrolled in multiple classes to the extent where it became a full time commitment. My spirit was awakened and I knew I had found my passion. Shortly thereafter, I began second shooting with our wedding photographer, established a portfolio and that was the start of CW Photography Designs. I believe that I'm enthralled with capturing weddings because our wedding was so beautiful, I didn't want it to end. Now, I experience witnessing other's who feel as I did on my wedding day. I get to capture those timeless moments and memories for others, so it doesn’t really have to end.

In addition to weddings, I enjoy taking lifestyle portraits from maternity to birth, boudoir and engagements, family and of course dogs . I have two pugs, Abby & Bella, who I photograph all the time. They are my kids so I treat them like my babies and yes, they are quite spoiled. Another favorite pastime is my love for travel, especially when I have a camera in tote. I've seen more of the world than the US. I’ve been to Paris, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Mexico, Tahiti, Greece and we recently traveled to the Dominican Republic last year. Our goal is to try and plan a dream trip every year. Along with our affinity for travel, we love to eat out often, nothing fancy but we are drawn to ethnic food. In addition, Red wine scores high on my favorite's list. To not be in a constant food and wine coma, I enjoy jogging and biking outdoors to stay fit. I love being outdoors; it takes me to my happy place. It’s the reason why I love to travel and explore new places. Working outdoors is where I prefer to be versus the days of past, working indoors in an office cubicle..not such a happy place. When I’m enjoying what I do, I’m at my best in all aspects of my life. I’m very grateful now to truly say, “I love what I do.” I’m also fortunate to have a loving husband who helped me to find this lovely happy place. My husband and I now both work from home which provides the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life to its fullest. We've been blessed with our family and friends who we adore and love spending time with.